Who We Are

Renaissance Recruitment Inc. is the foremost provider of recruitment solutions to corporates, family groups and government institutions across the emerging markets. First and foremost, RRI is geared to provide organisations with market leading talent in the form of people; their most important asset. In parallel, RRI is a trusted adviser to individuals, providing life-changing opportunities.

Renaissance Recruitment Inc. is one of the emerging markets fastest growing professional and specialist recruitment consultancies. RRI consultants focus on permanent recruitment solutions, exclusively by a specific industry sector or function. As a consequence, RRI consultants provide real-time market data to individuals and businesses, enabling them to be reactive and competitively placed. In short, RRI solutions enable businesses and individuals to make a real difference.

With significant reach to countries across the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and Asia Pacific,RRI spans across 28 countries across most industry sectors.

Our Values

Renaissance Recruitment Inc. is relentlessly committed to ethical behaviour; compelling personal service, long-term relationships and sustainable solutions. These commitments help shape RRI corporate values that cater for RRI represented individuals and, clients.