Candidate Services

First a foremost, as a potential candidate, Renaissance Recruitment Inc. considers you as a valued member of the RRI network. Without you, RRI cannot operate, generate market knowledge and information in real-time, nor operate as a business. It all starts with you.

The journey of a candidate is often misunderstood. Candidates often become clients, working with us to utilise RRI‘s trusted advice. RRI’s process is considered efficient and knowledge of the market as insightful. It doesn’t stop there – RRI continues to learn and optimize the way the firm operates. This balance gives RRI a unique rapport with you over time as the relationship evolves.

If you feel you have been approached for a role by a third party (client, recruitment firm etc), or do not see a role that is in line with what RRI has vacant, or indeed need advice about your current situation and may want to explore what the market offers today without commitment, please contact RRI

RRI takes confidentiality very seriously and take care in not divulging your profile without ones consent and consequently, RRI ensures your reputation and secrecy is protected.

Our Approach for Candidates