Client Services

Renaissance Recruitment Inc. is one of the emerging markets fastest growing professional and specialist recruitment consultancies.

RRI’s consultants focus on permanent recruitment solutions, exclusively by a specific industry sector or function. The firm is different to most firms that operated in this space for two reasons:

  • RRI’s consultants dedicates no less than 90 % of their day to speaking to the market, individual and businesses alike, all day, every weekday and on every other weekend. This generates real-time information that you and your business becomes aware of, usually first and can act accordingly to maintain or create competitive advantage
  • RRI only represent top quartile individuals. Equally, RRI works with businesses that are sure of the talent they want and realistic. This means that RRI is connected to a niche and privileged talent pool that is often ‘hard to find’, especially in emerging markets

If you are looking for a solution where RRI’s two differentiating value propositions highlighted earlier, does not add value to you or your business, RRI’s may not be able to work together at this stage, but RRI can certainly put you in touch with the right people and provide direction. It is in RRI’s best interest to ensure you receive ethical and trustworthy advice. RRI knows the difference it can make to you, your business or individuals concerned by not having the right talent on board, or indeed, not finding the right talent at all.

RRI’s business is effectively is people – dedicated consulting experts within their specific domain by industry and function. Bringing both domains together provides a powerful combination of knowledge and insights – this becomes intellectual property that you can leverage.

With significant reach to countries across the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and Asia Pacific, RRI spans across 28 countries across most industry sectors.