As the financial industry addresses increased regulatory pressures and new calls for transparency, balancing planned growth with margins under pressure, agility and market competition. Today’s talent in this sector must be nimble and possess insightful strategic skills. RRI understands the talent shortages and common gaps facing the industry and as such, RRI delivers solutions across the following key functional roles.

  • Insurance:Property, Life, Health, Reinsurance, Brokers and Guarantors
  • Retail & Corporate Banking:Brokers, Retail, Credit Cards, Lenders, Transaction Processors and Leasing
  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Investment:Investment Banking, Private Equity (Partners, Hedge Funds and Sovereign Entities), Advisory Firms and Brokers
  • Back & Mid Office:Operations, IT. HR, Legal, Finance, Compliance, Risk, Marketing, Sales

Other: Exchanges, Clearing, Data, Order and Execution Management