RRI’s natural resources division consists of four sub-divisions, each with exclusively dedicated experts:

  • Energy(Down, Mid and Upstream)
  • Utilities(Electricity (Nuclear, Alternative, etc.), Gas and Water)
  • Agriculture(All Products)
  • Metals & Mining(Base & Precious Metals, Coal, Minerals and Aggregates)

Sudden market shifts; the demand and supply of the brightest minds; and the currents of independence, freedom and flexibility are all essential to successful evolution within the natural resources space. Energy, agricultural and metal-based firms today are realising that a constant change in talent undermines their long-term viability. RRI delivers solutions across the following functional categories:

  • Technical – Engineering, Mining, Farming, Processing, Geoscience, HSSE, Quality, Maintenance, R&D and Oilfield Services
  • Commercial – Business Development; Sub-Sector Specific, Marketing, Sales and Trading
  • Transport – Supply Chain, Logistics, Trading and Procurement
  • Shared Services – HR, CSR IT & Technology, Legal, Finance, Real Estate, Strategy and Consulting